Yoga, Breath and Somatic Dialogue with Katrin Köhler

Yoga offers us the opportunity to become more aware of our body and our breathing and thus get more in touch with ourselves. You don’t need any special skills, you can just start as you are. In my classes we practise asanas (the postures of yoga) gently and harmoniously, adapted to our individual needs.
The way we breathe can also have a profound effect on our health, our ability to concentrate and to relieve stress. Calm and natural breathing relaxes and clears the mind. That is why I always dedicate a part of the lessons to breathing and meditation as well. The positive experiences you gain during yoga can over time manifest themselves also in daily life.
They can guide you through the turbulence of everyday life and help you to achieve more inner well-being and peace.


  • "After 10 months of Yoga classes with Katrin I now feel stabile and safe when I am walking. No stumbling and no dizziness, which was the case before I joined Yoga.I am now able to turn my head freely to both sides of my body. No stiffness or pain anymore. Great feeling when driving the car or riding the bike."


  • "What I appreciate most is Katrin's ability to describe the exercises in detail without me having to look at her, and yet I know I've done it right. Like that I can relax and that's quite important. I am also always calmer and more upright after a yoga class."


  • "I appreciate Katrin's personal approach and her ability to adapt the exercises to the needs and mood of the group, as well as supervising the correct practice of the positions. For me personally, it is a perfect balance of physical and mental exercise."


From 17.4.2023 a new block of classes is starting.

The block includes 9 lessons on Mondays (from 17.4. until 26.6.23) and costs 2700,- CZK.
The Tuesday and Thursday classes include 11 lessons (from 18.4./20.4. until 27.6./29.6.23) and cost 3300,- CZK.

The current course runs still until Easter.

One-time participation for one unit of 90 minutes is 350 CZK

Beginners as well as advanced practitioners are welcome.
The classes are held in Czech, English and/or German, depending on the needs of the participants.

Please sign up via e-mail or SMS.


To add the classes to your personal calendar, please click on the time in the schedule.


+420 603 360 554

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