Yoga, Breath and Somatic Dialogue with Katrin Köhler

Somatic dialogue is a dialogue between me and myself or me and another person with a holistic approach. It works with movement- and dance improvisation, exploring the connection of the various inner structures as well as with the ground and the space. It is holistic because it involves the body, the breath, the mind and our emotions.

We learn to let the body express itself. We just listen to it and to what it has to “tell” instead of doing movements or thinking how we should move.

To listen better and understand more, we fully connect to the present moment and will become more aware of our habits, concepts, expectations and biases.

To be heard and understood better, we learn to express ourselves more clearly. In this process we can step by step discover the most inner source of our joy and our whole being.

Somatic dialogue sessions take a place at Jirečkova 17, Prague 7

The price for a lesson of 75 min is 1200.- CZK
A group class is in preparation.

Please arrange a date by e-mail or phone.

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