Yoga, Breath and Somatic Dialogue with Katrin Köhler

Somatic dialogue is a dialogue between me and myself or me and another person with a holistic approach. It works with movement- and dance improvisation, exploring the connection of the various inner structures as well as with the ground and the space. It is holistic because it involves the body, the breath, the mind and our emotions.

We learn to let the body express itself. We just listen to it and to what it has to “tell” instead of doing movements or thinking how we should move.

To listen better and understand more, we fully connect to the present moment and will become more aware of our habits, concepts, expectations and biases.

To be heard and understood better, we learn to express ourselves more clearly. In this process we can step by step discover the most inner source of our joy and our whole being.


Somatic dialogue sessions take a place at Jirečkova 17, Prague 7

The price for a lesson of 75 min is 1200.- CZK

Please arrange a date by e-mail or phone.


New: Workshop Somatic Dialogue for Couples


An invitation to a Somatic Journey

On this somatic journey we are going to meet for eight evenings, always from 6:15pm to 7:45pm.
The evenings will be alternately led by the lecturers Kateřina Ledvinková and Katrin Köhler. No previous movement experience is necessary.
The dates are the following:
14.2., 28.2., 13.3., 27.3., 10.4., 24.4., 15.5. and 29.5.24 
The price for 8 lessons of 90 minutes is 3 600 CZK. Venue: Studio Limpid Works, Donská 275/9, 10100 Praha 10

Please sign up at

Kateřina: “It is my wish that during our time together we shall have the opportunity to discover movement from a personal perspective, find our way to ourselves, and dance from that very place. We will awaken receptivity to what is happening in our movement. Through movement improvisations and simple exercises we will experience different physical invitations. We will be guided by the specific physical impulses that our bodies naturally develop in dance. Because physical “awareness” brings the essential kindness so necessary for free movement. Simplicity and clarity has the power to make each of us dance. For me, working in a closed group, its dynamics and intimacy, adds specific value to our unique somatic journey.”

Katrin: “With this class, I would like to offer a space in our usually very busy everyday life where we can just perceive ourselves and our own bodies.
Using movement and dance improvisations with music on the ground and in space, we will listen to our body and invite it to express what it is experiencing in the present moment. We do not need to think about how we should move or how we look from outside. In this process we will be supported by the guidance of various physical and inner themes. In this way, we may get deeper into contact with ourselves and our feelings and may learn to be more at home in our bodies.”

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