Yoga, Breath and Somatic Dialogue with Katrin Köhler

Movement into silence

Silence in the movement


New block of classes April - June 2023

From 17.4.2023 a new block of classes is starting. The block includes 9 lessons on Mondays (until 26.6.23) and costs 2700,- CZK. The Tuesday and Thursday classes include 11 lessons (until 29.6.23) and cost 3300,- CZK. The exact schedule will be found in the section classes. You can register by e-mail or SMS.
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Intensive yoga weekends in the Habřiny rectory 2.-4.6. and 6.-8.10. 2023

These weekends are an opportunity to take a break in our usually very busy everyday lives and spend time just with ourselves. In the beautiful surroundings of the completely reconstructed rectory in Habřina we will practice intensive yoga. In this way we can experience yoga at a much deeper level than is possible in our weekly classes. We can also go for walks, swim, enjoy meals together, relax or just be.
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Yoga at the turn of the year 2023/24 in Freiburg i. Br., Germany

In this course we will have the opportunity to use the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve to practice yoga intensively and to take a break from all the day to day duties. We can close the old year and to open up for new possibilities in the future. Each of the mornings will be dedicated to different topics and aspects from the yoga, including yoga philosophy. In this way, we can experience ourselves each day in different ways.
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About me

I originally come from northern Germany, between Hamburg and Denmark. Following a serious car accident in 1982, I started practising yoga. It helped me to continue my life without pain or restrictions, and I quickly regained my physical condition. In 1994 I completed a 4-year yoga teacher training in Freiburg, Germany (600 hours). I continued to work at the same yoga school from 1994 to 1997 in the management team before moving to Prague, Czech Republic in 1997.

Since then (and for more than 30 years) I have been offering yoga classes to beginners and advanced practitioners. Also courses for pregnant women, mothers after birth and children’s acrobatics were included. 
From 2006 to 2009 I attended a further education programme on “Pranayama and Meditation” with Dr. Shrikrishna in Germany. Dr. Shrikrishna is the former director of the Kaivalyadhama Institute and Yoga Hospital in Mumbai, India.
To this day, I regularly attend training seminars with Dr. Shrikrishna.

From February 2021 to July 2022 I was a participant in the training programme “Somatic Dialogue” with Berrak Yedek in Prague.
I also continue to attend further education seminars by Berrak on a regular basis.


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